The Secrets of Getting the Right Results from AI

Project AR431: Prompt Engineering for Your Business

Project AR431: Prompt Engineering for Your Business

In this live 90-minute session, designed specifically for small business owners, Archit3ct Ltd CEO Dan Thomas will take you step-by-step through the process and prompts he has developed for effective sales and marketing results, demonstrated using ChatGPT.

You will cover:

  • The basics of ChatGPT: Logging in, setting up for use, different version
  • Essential info: Strengths and weaknesses of ChatGPT & generative AI
  • Project AR431 “The Process”: step-by-step on how to get the results you need for your Sales & Marketing
  • Core Prompts: Setting up standard prompts to get consistent results
  • Taking it further: ChatGPT plugins for more power
  • The right way to research using ChatGPT
  • The roles of ChatGPT in your process

As a bonus, you will also receive a free copy of;

“Project AR431: Sales & Marketing results through ChatGPT”

This not only contains the AR431 process as a reference guide, but it also details the key Prompts Dan has engineered, giving you the power to use them immediately for your specific needs.

Following this session, you will have the confidence and tools to get started immediately using ChatGPT to boost your own business results and start seeing the power of the technology.

This small-group session is specially designed to give you the opportunity to ask your questions and understand in detail exactly how Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT can aid your business.

Why choose Archit3ct Ltd?

Archit3ct Ltd was created to help companies see real results across their technology, sales, and marketing.

Founded by Dan Thomas, a technologist with extensive experience across senior sales, marketing, and development architecture roles, we leverage technology for exceptional results and help others do the same.

We don’t just talk about AI, or attend quick courses to claim “expertise”.

We use AI daily across our products and services to create incredible results for our clients, faster and more effectively than the competition.

You can do the same after using our services.

Your training sessions will be run by Dan personally, bringing his technical understanding of AI and how it operates and matching that to his extensive front-line Prompt Engineering experience for sales and marketing results.

Dan Thomas, CEO Archit3ct Ltd, running a training session

Would you learn to swim from someone who has only ever read books about swimming?

Or would you prefer someone who has been swimming for years, has extensive teaching experience, and swims competitively at a high level?

That’s why clients choose Archit3ct Ltd.

Extensive hands-on experience in using the technologies we discuss, for real-world results.

Attendance is limited to just 10 seats, at the introductory price of £97.

The event will be held LIVE on 21st September at 8 pm GMT.

Book today using the calendar below to guarantee your spot.