DeFi Copywriting Secrets: 7 Easy Tips to Boost Your Project’s Credibility & Appeal

For the last 20 years, I’ve worked in tech, with a focus on communication. DeFi is, without a doubt, one of the trickiest tech industries to “get right” when communicating how your product works and, critically, why it matters.

If you want your DeFi project to gain traction, the role of an experienced, specialist, and compelling DeFi copywriter cannot be overstated. Effective communication is key to boosting your project’s credibility and appeal. If you’re looking to get started and build effective messaging for your defi project, here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years to get you going.

1. Know Your Audience

The cornerstone of any successful copywriting campaign lies in understanding your audience and this has to happen before you write so much as a headline or your first word on the landing page.

The key part to understanding your audience is where most projects go wrong. Knowing who they are, their demographics, how they browse online, etc is important, but it’s not the critical information.

The most important info is how they want their future to look, and how your specific product gets them there.

Without that, projects end up “feature dumping”, that is talking about the tech and how great it is. Instead, you need to be talking about their future, how only your product makes it happen, and how it gets them there in the way they want to get there.

  • Tip: Start from the end goal your audience wants, then work backwards. Finally, utilise user personas to paint a detailed picture of your ideal customer. This can guide your tone, language, and messaging.

2. Demystify DeFi Jargon

While DeFi enthusiasts are familiar with terms such as ‘yield farming’ or ‘liquidity pools’, these phrases can be intimidating for newcomers. A key role of your copywriter is to break down complex jargon into easily digestible information.

This helps your audience understand what you are doing plus, it makes it easier for them to understand why it should matter to them.

  • Tip: Use clear, concise language and include definitions of key terms. A little education goes a long way in fostering trust and engagement.

3. Showcase Benefits, Not Features

It’s easy to get caught up in the revolutionary features of your DeFi project. We’re all here for the tech after all! However, your audience is more interested in the benefits these features bring. Critically, a benefit is only a benefit if it applies to their specific situation.

A high percentage yield on a volatile investment that needs regular monitoring might be great for a day trader, but it wouldn’t be a benefit for an investor looking for longer-term stable returns.

  • Tip: Instead of focusing on the technicalities, highlight how your project solves a problem, saves time, or generates profits. Frame your project’s features in terms of tangible benefits.

4. Use Social Proof

One of the most powerful ways to boost credibility is through social proof. Sharing testimonials, reviews, or case studies can significantly enhance the perceived value and trustworthiness of your DeFi project.

We’re moving past the stage when a large number of followers on X or other social media is all that matters as we all know how easy they are to buy. Instead, your DeFi project should focus on real testimonials from real users. A low number of these can be enough to give an edge in social proof.

  • Tip: Incorporate testimonials from satisfied users, positive reviews, or notable partnerships into your copy.

5. Make It Personal

Remember, behind every screen is a human being. Making your copy personal and relatable can create a deeper emotional connection with your audience. Think about how much easier it is to gain traction on social media with a personal profile rather than a corporate one, for example.

People want to talk to people, and on an internet largely populated with AI, that becomes even more critical.

Most important of all, it’s not about you, it’s about your reader. Too often in DeFi, the entire story is about the project, about the founders, their challenges and so on. Your audience don’t want that, they want to know why it matters to them, what you are going to do for them, and how you will solve their specific problems.

  • Tip: Use storytelling techniques to put your audience in the centre of the narrative. Show them how your DeFi project can positively impact their lives.

6. Master the Art of SEO

To get your DeFi project in front of the right eyes, it’s critical to optimise your copy for search engines. Too many projects focus exclusively on social media, often X, due to the high volume of crypto-natives there. As we’ve seen recently however, a single cosial media platform can undergo a lot of changes, accounts can be shadow-banned or deleted, audiences can move.

By having content across multiple platforms, particularly a website that is in the projects control, you can leverage SEO to ensure that, no matte what happens on social, you can still be quickly and easily found by the right audience.

  • Tip: Identify relevant keywords and incorporate them naturally into your copy. Remember, quality content always takes precedence over keyword stuffing.

7. Implement Strong Calls to Action (CTAs)

Finally, don’t forget to direct your readers with a strong CTA. Whether you want them to invest in your token, join your community, or simply learn more, make sure it’s clear what the next step is.

In DeFi, copywriters also have to be very careful that the next step is the correct one. It’s easy to have a CTA that points to a great interface on a dApp, but if a user needs to sign-up first, or visit a specific exchange to buy your token then ending up on the dApp too soon means they now have to figure out what to do.

Think about what the value is from the user to the project, how you gain that value, and what the actual next step is for them when creating your CTA’s.

  • Tip: Make your CTAs action-oriented, compelling, and easy to find.


DeFi copywriting is highly challenging, but with these insider secrets, you’re well on your way to crafting compelling copy that resonates with your audience. Remember, the key to successful copywriting lies in understanding your audience, speaking their language, and showing them the true value of your DeFi project. And, if you need some help along the way, feel free to drop me a message on LinkedIn.

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