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Up to £3,475 in Savings!
20 Bespoke Articles, done for you, at a 50% discount!

Just 5 spots available.
Offer expires
Monday 13th November.

Get the content you need to drive traffic!

How long would it take you to write 20 articles about relevant topics for your company? 

How much longer would it take to create graphics that are eye-catching and exciting?

We’re offering you one of only 5 spots in our done-for-you content bundle at a huge 50% discount, (plus bonuses!)

Here’s the thing. 

I’ve created a lot of content over the years.

Literally hundreds of articles, sales pages, and funnels

For 3 years I successfully built a business purely on content marketing.

Content, done right, is without any doubt the most powerful tool you can have for your business.

Quality articles are branding, engagement, and SEO.

They create customers. 

Articles stay live as long as you need them to and be used across your website, your blogs, and your social media again and again. 

Having a constant flow of them is critical for any modern business. 

But, creating articles is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort to do yourself. 

Either you or your copywriter need to:

  • Research
  • Draft
  • Write
  • Edit
  • Proof


Then you need to create a graphic for the header! 

That’s why so many companies start with good intentions and end up with a blog that is months between posts, or have with poorly written and rushed content that just turns people away. 

You need something different.

You need quality you are happy to use with your brand.

Content that not only works for SEO but also for the real people you want to engage with. 

An entire month’s worth of daily content!

This is what this newly released bundle offers you, content you will be proud to publish and share across your social media, driving traffic and engagement from the audience that matters to you. 

All made possible by “The LHH Model” of human-led, AI-enhanced copywriting. 

Who’s the human in “human-led”?

We’ve all seen articles that were clearly written by AI with no oversight. 

They stand out like a sore thumb. 

Maybe they work for SEO, but people certainly don’t want to engage with them. 

Doing things that way hurts your brand and alienates your customers

The LHH Model is 100% human-led and, for this package, I’ll be that human! 

Dan Thomas, Founder & CEO of Archit3ct Ltd.

For the last 20+ years, I’ve worked across sales, marketing, and technology doing everything from managing teams at a senior level to running and creating full social media campaigns. 

I’ve also written every type of copy you can imagine. 

Longer thought leadership whitepapers, pitch decks, sales funnels, and hundreds of content marketing pieces. 

Archit3ct Ltd alone has over 230 articles on our website that I’ve personally created on a range of detailed topics.

That’s what you get when you take this package. 

2 decades of sales and marketing experience, refined through hundreds of content pieces, enhanced by the best in generative AI technology

And, by ordering while this offer is available, you can get it at a 50% discount.

The package

The package is simple, 

In one week from ordering, you get 20 articles about the topics of your choice, all created by a professional copywriter, and provided with a custom header image (without text). 

You choose where you put them, and how you want to share them. 

You might publish them all through a single location, or spread them out across multiple blogs. 

You can reuse them, in part or in full, as many times as you need to, including the images. 

In short, this could easily be a month or more worth of content for your business to engage the audience you need and drive traffic long-term. 

This will be launching as a full service from next week for the public and will cost £3500. 

Which is already an exceptional price. 

Only £175 for each professionally written article, by a senior (native English-speaking)  copywriter, provided with a high-quality header image. 

But, you get it even cheaper. 

This offer is exclusive to my personal LinkedIn audience 

You can get it for a massive 50% discount, taking the price down to £1750. 

That’s just £87.50 for each article with a header image. 

But, there’s a reason I can offer it at this low price.

2 decades of refining an effective and powerful process for content enhanced by the latest powers of generative AI.

Plus, I’m only offering it as a pre-launch special to 5 people!

A couple of bonus items

In order to really help you get value from this package and see some genuine results, for this limited-time offer, I’m throwing in a couple of extras for free!

➕ An hour-long consultation with me normally costs £300. But, as part of the package, you get one for free. 

Simply, once the copy is handed over, you’ll be able to book a 1-hour free consultation whenever suits you, to discuss any aspect of your marketing or content strategy.

➕  For each article, I’ll also write a Tweet or a LinkedIn post you can use to share it once it’s gone live.

That’s 20 social media posts, which would normally take around 3 hours at 10 minutes per post (on a good day!) That’s £900 of value

You don’t need to worry about wording, or post length to fit the social media limits, it’ll all be done for you with a couple of relevant hashtags to target the right audience. 

➕  15% discount if you take an additional package at the full price later! That’s another £525 of value you can use later on to really take your marketing and content to the next level. 

That’s a total of £5,225 worth of services, available to the first 5 customers, for only £1750.

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Then, 7 days later, it will be emailed back to you as a combination of Google Docs and a set of graphics.

You are then free to use them as you see fit.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Kind regards,