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AI & Your Business

Discover the details of AI and prompt engineering, plus how your teams can effectively leverage them for success.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for effective copywriting

Live webinar or in-house workshop

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering For Effective Copywriting

Take your copywriting results to the next level with clear training in the essentials of ChatGPT prompt engineering.

Live webinar or in-house workshop

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering
For Sales & Marketing

Learn the secrets of using ChatGPT to effectively build your company brand, get more leads, and close more sales.

Live webinar or in-house workshop

The Future of Management

The board is changing, with Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and Artificial Intelligence creating a paradigm shift in models your business needs to understand.

Empowering people
is the key to unlimited possibilities

Dan Thomas, Founder & CEO of Archit3ct Ltd.

Your Host: Dan Thomas

Having worked across multiple technology stacks and roles since 2004, in 2019 Dan began working as a consultant, offering solutions across various technologies.

As a Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect and experienced full-stack developer, he was quickly hired to consult on a number of projects.

A classic “early adopter” technologist, Dan actively uses complex and cutting-edge technology across his work: from creating an NFT PoC in early 2021, assisting in movie creation and running meetings in VR, to integrating AI on a daily basis, personally and for clients.

Archit3ct Ltd is built on his vision of a better future for everyone by using technology the right way.

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